Ed Storoshenko Associates Gets The Job Done!


                                                  “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed

                                             is more important than any other”

About Us

We are reliable professionals who help stimulate the economy by giving individuals the opportunity to start their own business and/or find a PART TIME or a SECOND SOURCE OF INCOME


Provide free training and support to people looking to start a business or seek employment and succeed.

Provide support to enhance their new business experience and/or help in job placement

Constant follow-up with client's to assure complete satisfaction and prosperity in their business and/or their new employment

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We started with just myself working out of a small room. All these years later, I have over 200 people working throughout the United States helping individuals like you to start a small business and/or find meaningful employment.


Great support in starting my own business. I can do using a flexible schedule, Josh, Denver, CO

Great team of support personnel, I'm not sorry, Denise, El Paso, TX

Never been happier with my new business, Cindy, Detroit, MI

Needed more money before Christmas and found it!, thanks Ed, Jonathan, Orlando, Fl


Go to http://edstoroshenkoassociates.tk to apply

Contact Ed at 407-900-1069 for more information

Email me at edstoroshenkoassociates@gmail.com

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